Solo CD: Steve Baker - Perfect Getaway

Following a 40 year career as a highly regarded sideman, Steve Baker’s first solo album represents a major departure from his previous releases. On “Perfect Getaway” he successfully reinvents himself as a vocalist and songwriter with a captivating collection of self-penned tunes, which also happen to feature some great harmonica. Supported by an excellent band with Kai Strauss (guitar), Gaz (bass, guitar & backing vocals), Alex Lex (drums & percussion) and Chris Rannenberg (piano), as well as Moritz Fuhrhop (organ), Opportunity (choir) and Gina Baker (backing vocals), Steve delivers an exciting and stylistically varied set of 14 original songs ranging from singer/songwriter, blues, country, gospel and rock’n’roll to crunching rock.

What they all have in common is Baker’s old school pop sensibility, which gives his compositions high recognition value. With great grooves, catchy refrains and memorable hooks, they’re as melodic as his harp playing.

Perfect Getaway was released on February 9th 2018 on Timezone Records (TZ1473).