The Harp Handbook |

The Harp Handbook

When it initially appeared in 1990, The Harp Handbook was the first serious book about the diatonic harp ever to be published. It rapidly attained cult status among the emerging new generation of modern harmonica players and is still considered to be the standard work on the instrument.

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Blues Harmonica Playalongs Vol. 1 |

Playalongs Vol. 1

Book & CD Package – Volume 1 offers 11 numbers which cover a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from Texas shuffles to New Orleans rumba, slow blues, boogie woogie, swing shuffles and funky blues.

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Playalongs Volume 2 |

Playalongs Vol. 2

Book & CD Package – Volume 2 offers 12 new compositions offering a slightly different mix of styles which range from acoustic country blues and bluegrass to electric Chicago blues, rockabilly, funk and rock.

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Blues Harmonica Playalongs Vol. 3 |

Playalongs Vol. 3

The 3rd and final volume of Steve's Blues Harmonica Playalongs explores a wider range of styles than its predecessors - alongside blues numbers it also contains material such as reggae, Afrofunk, punk and soul which lies somewhat outside the usual stylistic boundaries for traditional

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Hohner Step By Step |

Hohner Step By Step

This package consisting of book, CD and Hohner Big River Harp is aimed at beginning players with no previous knowledge of the harp. Easy-to-follow explanations and practise exercises take the reader

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Blues Jam |

Blues Jam

Blues Jam is a complilation of 17 playalongs in a variety of blues and related styles. Whether tradional or modern, anyone who just wnats to jam along with a great band gets their money's woth! Blues Jam offers perfect accompaniment for any lead instrument and features songs in all keys.

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