The Harp Handbook - 3rd revised edition

The Harp Handbook

Music Sales 1990 -  3rd revised edition Wise Publications 1999 

(Book & CD) Steve Baker  ISBN 0-7119-4919-0

“An invaluable reference work for anyone who‘s serious about the harmonica“  – harpchat

"It is excellent. The first real book written about the diatonic harmonica."  – Howard Levy

When it initially appeared in 1990, The Harp Handbook was the first serious book about the diatonic harp ever to be published. It  rapidly attained cult status among the emerging new generation of modern harmonica players and is still considered to be the standard work on the instrument. The Harp Handbook was the first work in harmonica literature to systematically explain bending and overblowing as well as dealing in depth with tuning and maintenance, alternate tunings and many other topics. Important playing techniques are discussed in detail  and differences between various styles are explored. A separate chapter deals with amplification and microphone technique. The book also contains blues expert Klaus "Mojo" Kilian's definitive account of the development of harmonica styles plus an extensive discography. This seminal work is rounded off by a dozen pages of exercises designed to train particular techniques, which can also be heard on the accompanying CD. 


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