Everybody's Crying Mercy

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Chris Jones & Steve Baker - Acoustic Music Records 1998, Zomba 319.1147.2

1998 finally saw the release of Chris Jones and Steve Baker's second album together. Both knew how hard it would be to produce a worthy successor to "Slow Roll" and they took their time to ensure that they deliver the goods. With such diverse selections as The L & N (a haunting coalminer's ballad), Old Folks Boogie (classic Little Feat rocker), Robert Johnson's perennial "Walking Blues" and the title track, Mose Allison's chilling commentary on modern society, "Everybody's Crying Mercy" is a microcosm of the vast expanse of American music from the past 70 years. Once more, they prove that their sound is unique and entirely their own, and it just won't let you go.

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